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NewAge Garage Wall Organizers

Wall Storage Features:


  • Garage slatwall systems can support up to 200 lbs. in weight for heavy-duty items
  • PVC Slatwall available in white, beige, grey and black
  • Get organized with steel hooks, baskets and shelves that snap right into slatwall panels
  • Easy-to-install slatwall is water and dust-resistant
  • Great for storing kids' toys, sporting and gardening gear, and more!
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Our garage was a mess until we ordered wall organizers from Now all of our sporting equipment and tools are organized neatly on the walls, and we can find what we're looking for in the garage quickly!" -Matthew Berkeley, Montauk, NY

Design Your Garage Creatively with Wall Cabinets

You can now design your garage neatly and creatively by getting wall cabinets from The NewAge Garage Wall Organizer offers some amazing wall accessories for the storage system in your garage. It is very important to keep your garage organized and maintained, as this is where most outdoor work gets done. With different tools and equipment lying around, unless your garage is organized, you might not be able to find your items when you need them. A well-organized garage is both attractive and functional.

The wall cabinets that we offer are available in many colors such as beige, black, grey, white and other printed colors. We also offer installation services. All you need to do is choose from the wide range of products online, and we will install the cabinets without causing them damage. These wall cabinets help sort out items such as toys, car cleaning accessories, hunting gear, lubricants, fishing gear, old items, and any other items that end up in the garage. We offer the cabinets at a very competitive price. People longing to show off the beauty of their garage can get these cabinets and design their garage to their specifications.