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Out with the Old

The first steps to a clutter-free castle are always assessing the current situation by taking a look at the contents of your garage, and ultimately deciding what should stay, and what should go. A great approach is to sort out your belongings into the three distinct piles: 


1) What to keep


2) What to give-away or donate


3) What to toss or recycle


After you’ve cleared out what to trash and what to stash, it’s time to decide how to organize and store what you’re keeping, and measure your garage for the ideal garage storage solution

Measuring Your Garage

Once you’ve cleared the way & cleaned up, it’s time to measure your garage. With a standard measuring tape, paper and a pen, take note of the various elements of your garage. First measure the outer perimeter, then your windows and doors – Where are they located, how many are there and what size are they? Where is your plumbing and electrical located? Note the walls of your garage, their size, and any other details that are relevant to designing your garage. Use the diagram below for help with measuring.

Once you’ve measured out your garage, it’s time to create your design by calling one of our design experts, or by using our handy Online Design Tool. has all your garage storage needs covered with a wide array of high-end, affordable and fully-functional garage organization products including slatwall panels, hooks, baskets, and other wall accessories, heavy-duty steel cabinetry, ceiling storage units, garage flooring and more.