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Improve your Garage Floor with Epoxy and Roll Flooring Solutions

Various colors and sizes delivered to your door!


NewAge Roll Floor

  • Available in Grey or Beige
  • Easy roll-out installation
  • Available in 6.5’ X 20’, 7.5’ X 20’, 10’ X 22’
  • Made from durable PVC with tread plate design


Rhino Linings Epoxy Flooring

  • Available in multiple flake colors
  • Application completed in only 2 hours
  • Durable long-lasting coating
  • DIY kits cover 250 sq/ft of garage floor



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Watch Video


Not sure which floor is right for you? Check our floor comparison chart!




Rhino Epoxy

NewAge Roll Floor




Approximately 5mm thick depending on coverage and porosity of the concrete.


Installation Time

3 – 6 hours of labor, 2 -3 days for completions due to drying time
15 – 45 Minutes, can be used immediately.



Outback (tan) Mineral Wash (grey/blue) Cappuccino Ash Grey Granite Tan
Beige, Grey


Visual Traits Light Reflective Brightens Up Garage Stylish Flaked Appearance
Stylish Tread Plate Pattern Brightens up garage Sleek Surface



Average $0.40 - $0.50 / Sq. foot
Average $1.00 / Sq. foot



Non-stick, slip resistant, water and chemical resistant.
Non-slip tread plate, UV protective coating, water and chemical resistant.



Wipe with towel, hose down, sweep.
Spray with hose, mop, sweep or wipe down.



Clean, dry & etch floor. Diamond grind depending on floor condition.
Clean and dry floor.


Items Necessary for Installation

Stiff bristle broom (acid resistant), 9” roller frame with handle, 9” roller cover with 1/2” nap, 2”-3” brush or paint edger, two gallon plastic watering can, rubber gloves, protective eyewear and footwear, heavy duty degreaser (for areas saturated with oil/grease).
Possible push-broom for ripples in floor. Double Sided Concrete Tape for edges/ seams, if necessary.



Apply a urethane topcoat to protect the epoxy.
Nothing necessary